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Making Child Travel Safer


Built exclusively for kids
by parents from the ground up
The difference we make

Safer Travel

Watch live with video

Watch your child travel live on your mobile as the kid travels to the learning center.

Get Notifications

Get notified when we pickup and drop off your kids.

Monitor the route

Watch your kid travel on a live map


Dreaming the dream of parents

        Vacav was built on a parent’s dream to create a safer haven for kids. We want to make the world a safer place for you. Yes, this is our lofty vision. We are taking baby steps to a greater goal and we have just taken our first step to make child travel safer. 

     We are partnering with after school camps and training centers your child wants to attend, in order to  facilitate a safe,  secure and independent travel for your child. They will be able to share rides with other children of a similar age group. We will provide advance ride booking options and guardian access to phone notifications when your kid is picked up and dropped off.  We will provide a live video feed for you as they travel and monitor it at our command center.

     We are evolving. We will soon help you book rides within your network and would like your feedback on features that you would like to have. Our ultimate goal is to make your children safer and to reduce the daily stress that you as a parent go through with child travel.


   Our core team constitutes of Ivy League engineers and management professionals trying to dream the dream of parents.